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--- An over-view of all the modifications done to my own car.

Category: Upgrades available at time of purchase

Trip Computer
2 to 4 Hours Involves installing the trip computer as seen is higher spec cars. Gives driving information such as current MPG, Average MPG, Average MPH, Temperature, Calendar etc.
25 > 300
Rear Courtesy Light
15 Minutes to 1 Hour Involves fitting a rear courtesy unit to your car so you can see the back seat & foot wells easier at night.
5 > 15

Door Handle Lights

30 Minutes to 3 Hours

Involves adding lights which illuminate the interior door handle recess so aids exiting the vehicle at night.

5 > 10
Electric Sunroof
2 to 3 Hours Involves converting the standard manually opened sunroof to an electrically operated one.
20 > 50
Illuminated Sun Visors
20 to 50 Minutes Involves changing the sun-visors so both have mirrors and are illuminated, as seen on Ghia models
 20 > 50

Footwell Lights

5 minutes to 1 Hour 

Involves installing the front footwell lights for easier viewing at night.

 2 > 6
Remote Central Locking
40 minutes to 2 Hours Details how to install the infra-red remote central locking seen on the Mk1 Ghia model.
5 > 40

Converting The Manual Mirrors To Electric

3 to 4 Hours

Converts the mirrors from manually adjusted to electric, they also heat to aid defrosting in winter.

10 > 60

Gaining Control of the Time Between Intermittent Wipes

20 to 40 Minutes

Converts the fixed time intermittent wipers to 6 position time variable wipers.

5 > 40

Category: Upgrades never available

Passengers One-Touch-Down Window
30 minutes to 1 Hour Involves installing a relay so the passengers window has the same one-touch as the drivers side - can be used on rear windows.
 2 > 20

Making The Alarm Horn Louder

20 to 40 Minutes

Installing a relay to allow the front horn(s) to activate along with the alarm systems.

10 > 60
Replacing Mk1 Sail Panels With Mk2 Versions
Submitted by Mondy Manic of MEG
5 to 20 Minutes Involves replacing the Mk1 louvered sail panels (on the rear doors) for the Mk2 equivalents
 2 > 30
De-Lock The Front Doors
Sumbitted by Jamie McCudden of MEG
.5 to 1Hours Involes removing the front locks from your car to make it more secure as well as looking better
5 > 15

Submitted by Steve Martin of MEG

1 to 2 Minutes

Involves installing two relays so the indicators flash when the alarm goes off, never seen on UK models

0 > 2


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