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Time Range: 20 to 40 Minutes  

Upgrading to Variable Speed Intermittent Front Wipers:

You need:      

  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Regular screwdriver
  • Replacement Variable-Speed Stalk


  • No alternatives detailed.

This is a pretty strait forward mod that allows you to gain control over the speed on the intermittent front wiper. Fitted to all early mondeos, it was slowly faded out from the lower spec models to a point where only GLX models and above had it fitted. The control circuitry for this is fitted to all cars however, it just needs the variable-resistor stalk added. Here's how:

Start by removing the two philips screws on top of the steering wheel shroud, you'll find it easiest if you adjust the rack&reach to the lowest position and the furthest out.

Next remove the top cover from the column, this could be a little awkward as the rubber from both stalks grips at it, a little force strait up will free it, with the cover off it'll look like this:

Next you need to unplug the wiring connector going into the old stalk. Then release the retaining clip using your flatblade screwdriver - the whole stalk assembly will then slide up towards the roof of the car allowing you to withdraw it from the column entirely.

You now need to slide in your new one, if you look at it you'll see a set of runners just under the retaining clip - these slide over the two lips (B) to hold the lower end of the stalk tight against the column As you slide the new stalk down it should then clip into the retainer with slight force - if not then it's not sat in the runners correctly so slide back up and try again.

Reconnect the wiring connector to the rear and then replace the top shroud taking care not to trap any wiring, not to overtighten the screws and that the rubber seals on both sides of the column fit into the groves.



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