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Estimated Cost / Time Requirements
Cost Range: Scrapyard Prices: £5 > £25 Ford Prices: £110 > £140
Time Range: Pre Wired: 15 to 25 Minutes Manual Wiring: 1 to 2 Hours

Installing "Factory Fit" Remote Central Locking

-- Instructions on programming key fobs can be found here--

This one again something found on the Ghia specified cars and also became standard on the last of the Mk1 mondeos (late N and most P plated cars). This modification is for Mk1 mondeos only.

You need:      

  • One InfraRed (IR) sender
    • Part Number: 7201610 (32.72 Inc VAT)
  • One InfraRed key and sender holder
    • Part Number: 7203480 (3.06 Inc VAT)
  • A minimum of one IR receiver (Two for retrofit)
    • FINIS - 93BG-15K602-AA £52.88
  • Crimping facilities
  • Philips Screwdriver
  • 3 Core low-current cable (4 Core if you want to fit a second receiver)

You may need:

  • 2 InfraRed receiver door handle surrounds
  • Ghia door wiring loom
  • A new alarm control module (Nearly all support RCL so only if you are really unlucky)
    • Get one from a scrap yard and don't pay more then 20


  • No alternatives detailed

The first thing to do before buying any parts is to check if your alarm system control module can support remote central locking (RCL). So far almost everyone I have come across can but some have damaged circuits so best to check. With the car unlocked put your key in the ignition and turn to position I (Ie, Radio only) watch the dash LED for about 20 seconds and when/if it illuminates turn the key back to the off position. The alarms LED should remain lit which indicates its ready to be programmed, in which case you can turn the ignition to position II and back off to reset it.

If your LED hasn't illuminated then your alarm module doesn't support RCL and you'll need to obtain one that can, new from ford are about 100 so get one from a scrappy and remember since every mondeo has one don't pay more then about 20.

To start this modification you need to disconnect the power to the alarm module so open the passenger side fusebox and remove fuse number 25. Alternatively unhook all the connectors going into the alarm module.

Now this is what the receiver looks like from the side, the connector will go into the bottom and the actual receiving bit is on the left. Take into consideration the size of it because there are only a few places it can go if you don't mount it in its original location (Behind the door handles)

This is looking down on the module into where the connector would go, with the receiving bit on the right, the pins are labeled from left to right as 1 2 and 3 - which if you look down at the pins base you should see engraved.

Now the wiring should already be from the alarm to the door pillar so if you want to go for the original fit then you need to obtain a new door handle surround, door loom and simply do the plug and play routine. However if you want to mount them elsewhere then you'll need to splice into the wiring at the control module.

Looking to the above right of the accelerator pedal you'll find the alarm module (Labeled B in this photo). There are three multi-plugs going into it, a big chunky one on the far right with about 8 wires (this is the power supply) and then two thinner ones that go to various sensors on the car. The plug we are interested in is the one furthest to the left of the alarm module.

This shows you the wiring that is needed in order to make the system work. Start by undoing the housing on the third alarm connector, its a push clip design and should come off easily enough to allow access. From here you can trace the wires you'll need. (Looking from into the connector (ie, alarm side) with the key (the clip) at the top the pins are labeled from top right as pin 1 across the top line to pin 10 and then down to the second row for pin 20 and running back along to pin 11 (under pin 1) like so:


10    9     8      7     6     5     4     3      2    1

20   19   18   17   16   15   14   13   12   11


The pins we need to connect to are 1, 3, 4 and 5.

  1. Use some 4 core cable if you intend to use both receivers.

  2. Connect pin 3 from both receivers to the cable coming from pin 4 on the alarm module (Black).

  3. Connect both pin 1's from the receivers to the wire at pin 5 on the alarm module (Orange/Blue)

  4. Connect pin 2 of one receiver to pin 1 of the alarm module (White)

  5. And if you want the second receiver then connect that ones pin 2 to the alarm modules pin 3 (White/Black)

You should now have ended up with the above diagram - remember the wiring colours shouldn't have varied from the alarm module so make sure you are splicing into the correct cables!

A note here that the sensors must not be mounted in such a way that they are both able to receive a signal from the key fob at the same time!!

The final stage is to program the key for to the alarm module and vice-versa.

Step 1 - Put your key into the ignition and turn it to position 1, Wait for the alarm light to come on in the dash and then remove the key before the light goes out.

Step 2 - Point the remote at one of your receivers and press the bottom button until light flashes on transmitter (keep the button pressed in).

Step 3 - Whilst the bottom button is held in press the front button 4 times then release both at the same time.

Step 4 - Both the keyfobs LED and the alarm LED should flash to indicate communication complete. Put your key back into your ignition and turn to position 2. The LED on the dash will then extinguish and programming (and this modification) is complete.


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