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Swapping Mk1 Sail Panels For Mk2 Variants Originally written by Mondy Maniac of MEG

This is a simple modification you can do to all MK1 mondeos to update the outside slightly. Removing the Sail panels is a simple job and takes about one minute per door. Refitting takes approx 5 minutes a door.

You need:      

  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Rubber mallet
  • Inner panel (Right - part number 1023718 5.60 + vat)
  • Inner panel (Left - part number 1023719 5.60 + vat)
  • Outer sail panel (Right - part number 1045560 6.77 + vat)
  • Outer sail panel (Left - part number 1045562 6.77 + vat)

You may need:

  • Small file


  • No alternatives detailed

First off open the rear doors and find the two screws that hold the existing inner panel on and remove them. This means the black panel inside will become loose and can be withdrawn by sliding to the rear of the vehicle.

Then, push the old sail panel out, from the inside, and wiggle the panel towards the front of the car. This may be a bit tough but keep trying, keep wiggling it, it will eventually come free. You should then have something that resembles this from the outside:

Now remove the rubber plug from the hole half way up and get the rubber mallet in your hand. Gently tap the embossed surround of this hole and then very slightly tap in the T shaped hole under it, this causes the bottom of the panel to be pulled in (which is what we want). After tapping both holes a few times fit the new sail panels to check if you have tapped enough.
To fit the new panels place the 3 tabs on the back of the panel into the 3 T shaped holes, then push the panel towards the car whilst sliding it towards the rear. This may take some time and patience - If you cant get the bottom tab into the T shaped whole it will probably mean you have tapped the hole in too much, get a screwdriver and lever the edges of the hole back out again and re-fit the panels. If when you re-fit the panel it sits too far out still it means you need to tap it a little more. Remember that repeatedly bending metal one way and then another will weaken it and eventually cause it to snap off so take your time!
When you are happy with the nice tight fit sit yourself back in the car and get the new inner panels ready to fit. Like this.

Looking at the back on the inner panel you can see that there are two screw holes, and there are also 2 clips. These need to clip around the edge of the hole and then get pushed into the correct position. When all is in the right places, screw the 2 screws back in. A note here that the inner panels from the original louvered sail panels will not fit with the Mk2 ones. Also the screws from the Mk1 plate are longer and will cause damage to the Mk2 plate if used, so ensure you get all the bits from a mk2 car. Voila, stand outside and marvel at your new mod.


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