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Complete Modification Listing:

This page contains numerous pictures and can take a while to load on modems. It's also split on two pages to help you load it. PAGE1 - PAGE2

This is a list (most with pictures) of all the mod's I have carried out on my car (Not in order). Look in the How-To listings for help doing them, if they do not appear there then they don't have a how-to yet. I am unlikely to answer you by email if you ask for one, post on MEG if you want to ask a single question.

Modification Number #7: External Styling

Adding a spoiler changes the look of any car, and the mondeo is no exception. The rear of the car looks a little bland normally and for £100ish you can get the car to change look completely. Mounting the spoiler is easy to but you do need to drill a couple of holes in the lid of the tailgate! If you use something like Black Gutter Seal to help stick it down then you get a near perfect "factory-fit" finish. There are many different spoiler designs but I personally don't like car's that have massive ones and ford's RS style one is distinctive and subtle.

Alloy's also change the look of your car completely, many people say the bigger the better but personally I think you can easily go to big on a standard looking car (Ie, not lowered or body kitted) These are 16" TSW Revo's.

Modification Number #8: Headlining Stuff

Possibly the easiest stuff to change, Ghia sunvisors, Ghia Maplights and an Electric Sunroof really make a difference without much cost. More detail's on all of this stuff in the How-To section.

Modification Number #9: Audio Installation

Standard ford audio equipment isn't that bad in comparison to other manufacturers but a swap of the head-unit and speakers makes you realize that it's still not all that good either! I've installed Pioneer 6x9's in all the doors and the shelf with an amplifier and Sony head unit. Sound quality is vastly improved and on the occasion that you want to really pump out some Metallica it handles it fine!

Modification Number #10: Rear Sail Panels

Complete How-To Installation Here.


Modification Number #11: Trip Computer

Installing a trip computer is a great little extra but requires some complex wiring. You'll already have the power supply, alarm LED, Clock memory and "Light's On" feed at the clock (the unit it replaces) but you will need to add wires that monitor the amount of fuel in the tank, the fuel flow rate and the Vehicles Speed. View the How-To

Modification Number #12: Rear Electric Windows & Four way One-Touch-Down

Details on how I did my One-Touch-Down Relays can be found here.

A somewhat complex wiring operation is required to install rear electric windows, and whilst it's possible to wire the rear window's in manually you'll be taking an awful lot of wires from the front door to the rear's and its a lot easier to obtain a ghia or ghiaX models wiring loom and replace it. You'll also have to replace all the door looms (except passenger) and install the rear motors, switches and appropriate door cards.

I've also got a Mk2 switch on my car as the Mk1 unit looks a little dated and that requires you to completely rewire the back of it as the connections are different.

Modification Number #13: Marker Lights and Door Entry "Puddle" Lights

These aren't standard fit on any Mondeo including GhiaX but can be found on Scorpio's. They light up the area outside the car and look good. Plus they alert dopey drivers that the door is open! I used Peugeot 406 boot light's to do this job and then a red permanent marker on one side to produce the marker light section. Scorpio's have them fitted into the metal of the door but if, like me, you don't fancy taking a dremal to your door then you can mount them in the bottom of the door card with a little effort. Make sure you use a heat-sheilding light (like the 406) so they don't heat up the fabric of the door. The wiring for them has to be run into the door, one side being taken to permanent 12V and the other side going to the door open pin switch. You need to put a suitable diode in place with the pin switch to stop the lights from coming on when another door is open.

Modification Number #14: Extra's - This is the rest of the stuff that hasn't got pictures!

Scorpio Sun roof surround - This is fabric and not the plastic rubbish the mondeo has.

Electro-Chromic Rear View Mirror - Auto dipping mirror's are so cool! Requires ground, ign fed 12V & signal from reverse lights.

South West Mondeo Drivers Club Sticker - Had to be added!

Permanently Live Windows - It got annoying needing the ignition on to use the windows so I rewired mine to be permanently live.

Nokia 6041 Car Phone - Complete installation with glass mounted aerial and auto stereo mute.

Auto Rear Wiper - Auto turn on of the rear wiper on reverse gear - only if the front wipers are in constantly on mode.

K&N 57i Induction Kit - A little more power and a nice deep roar on WOT

Focus Intake Pipe - Smoother flow or air into the throttle body, hardly noticeable power increase - lot more noise.

Second Horn - As fitted to all top spec mondeos, gives a higher pitch then the original to make it louder

Auxiliary Warning Module - Lots of wires but worth it, door open warning, low coolant, low screen wash, low fuel, service warning, low oil, frost warning and Ice warning

Front Fog Lights - After a long hunt I finally found a set, quite easy wiring for these but requires you to swap the existing light switch for a complete retro-fit. Some additional wiring was added to make these lights illuminate when main-beam is turned on.

Front Ghia Grill - Many thanks to DontTease from MEG for supplying me with a meshed ghia grill FOC! Top Man, sprayed to match the car's colour it makes a big difference to the front look of the car.



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