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Test Modes :

Several test modes are included within the mondeo's electrical system, these are shown below:

Central Timer Module:

This is the module that controls the timing of devices such as the intermittent windscreen wipers, the lights on chime and the 12sec interior light. The module itself is plugged onto the bottom of the passenger side footwell fusebox and is directly integrated with it. You can test the unit it receiving a signal from the above switches/sensors by pressing (and holding in) the heated rear screen switch whilst turning the ignition on. The "chimes" will then start every time a door is opened, the wipers put on, lights turned on, doors unlocked with remote control or (where fitted) seat belts unfastened. You can only exit this test mode by turning the ignition back off.

Trip Computer:

With the engine running press and hold the left hand side function button until the screen changes to show all the icons. Press it again to scroll through the test functions:

SPd - Pulses received from the VSS sensor. This will increment in 1's the faster the vehicle is traveling.

FLO - Pulses from the ECU. This will increment in 1's and the frequency will alter with speed/throttle position

rAE - Average consumption shown in Liters per 100Km

FUEL - Remaining amount of fuel in Liters or Gallons. O-C for not connected. S-C for short circuit.

FLOF - Programmed error correction for fuel consumption. Default value should be 0 but ranges between +/- 10 for Mk1 units and +/- 25 for Mk2 units.

tEMP - Real time outside temperature display.

LItE - Voltage recording on the "lights on" pin. Should change with lights on or off.

rEL - Software version of the trip computer.

Auxiliary Warning Module:

This module will test itself every time the ignition it turned on. The entire panel should illuminate and then go off after 5 seconds with the exception of the rear bulb fail lights - these require the brake pedal to be depressed once before they are extinguished.

Alarm / Central/Double Locking Module:

This module can be tested by depressing the bonnet switch or opening and closing a door 5 to 10 times in quick succession. (Under 10 seconds) Activation will be shown by either horn beeps, indicator flashes or buzzer beeps (or a combination) depending on the system installed.

Opening and door, turning the key in a lock or ignition should make the horn beep once. Opening the boot will make the horn beep twice - once for the unlock command and once from the inhibit switch.

Exit the test mode by leaving the car to stand for 20 seconds.

Airbag Control Module:

Self checking with indicator light - check here for a code listing.

Semi Automatic Temperature Control:

The SATC Climate panel was first fitted to the mondeo in 98 and is Ford's second generation of climate control. On board diagnostics (OBD) is built into the panel to enable easy fault finding - the test mode requires that the temperature inside the vehicle exceeds 10*c (you'll get an erroneous error if not).

Start the vehicle and allow it to idle, change the temperature to "21*c" (Note: If coming from "HI" then you must wait 30 seconds before continuing). Set the blower control to "AUTO" and the directional controller to "Windscreen". Now press the A/C button and red "Temperature increase" button at the same time, release and immediately press the blue "Temperature decrease" button. At this point the SATC panel will enter OBD and the display will change to a garbled but constantly changing pattern to indicate that test results are being generated. The tests will take between 20 seconds and 3 minutes during which time you shouldn't press anything. When it completes the display with change to show flashing error codes found, "88" indicates that no fault was found with the system. If more then one error code is found the display will flash them in series.

  • 20 22 Short in heater flap motor circuit
  • 24 25 Heater flap motor control fault
  • 30 Short in interior temperature sensor circuit
  • 31 High resistance in interior temperature sensor
  • 40 42 Short in ambient temperature sensor circuit
  • 41 43 High resistance in ambient temperature sensor circuit
  • 50 52 Short in sun load sensor circuit
  • 53 59 Sun load sensor value out of range
  • 60 62 Fault in interior temperature sensor blower circuit
  • 63 69 Interior temperature sensor value out of range
  • 70 72 Short in engine coolant temperature pickup circuit (air conditioning)
  • 71 73 High resistance in engine coolant temperature pickup circuit (air conditioning)
  • 88 NFF (No Fault Found)
  • 90 99 Internal Fault

To exit test mode press either "A/C" to clear the memory and return to normal operation or "Recirc" to keep the fault found in memory and return to normal operation.



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