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Airbag Warning Light - Flashing Codes

CAUTION / WARNING - Airbags are extremely dangerous if not properly respected. For this reason any fault with the system should be corrected by a qualified auto-electrician. Even simple probing of the airbag connectors with a voltmeter can cause airbag deployment.

Mondeo's use colour coded wiring for the airbag system, although you should never take it as certain, any wiring found wrapped in a yellow sleeve or terminating in a yellow connector block should be assumed to be part of the airbag system.

The airbag warning light should come on with the ignition and remain lit for 5 seconds. After this period it should go out and not illuminate again until next time the ignition is turned on. If the light fails to come on then check the fuse for the system and then the bulb in the instrument cluster. If a problem is detected with the system then it will be indicated by a number of flashes. If more the one code is detected the system will assign priority and display the most important first.

Drivers airbag failure
Passengers airbag failure
Failure of both airbag units
Pyrotechnic seatbelt pretensioner failure (Either side)
> Common Fault - Further details below
Drivers airbag failure - System shorted
Passengers airbag failure - System shorted
Drivers crash sensor failure
Passengers crash sensor failure

Common Fault:

The airbag warning light flashing 4 times is a common fault on late Mk1 and all Mk2 mondeo's using the pyrotechnic pretensioners - especially if you have recently moved the position of one of the front seats. Turn the igntion off and allow the car to sit for 15 minutes. Underneath the front seat base, (access is best from the rear passenger footwells, with front seats furthest forward), you will find two cables wrapped in yellow sleeving. The yellow connector may have parted company with its other half - Even if it hasn't disconnect and reconnect it to ensure that it is secure. Move on to the passenger side and check the wiring there - whilst doing this ensure the cabling is slack and not badly routed resulting in it being pulled tight.


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