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Removing Door Cards (Interior Trim Panels)

Removing the door-cards is a simple job and takes about 5 minutes per door.

You need:      

  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Watchmakers flathead screwdriver
  • An Allen key or a strong bit of metal bent at a right angle.

You may need: (Depending on manual/electric windows)

  • A long flathead screwdriver


  • No alternatives detailed.

When removing the interior door trim, take your time doing it so you donít damage anything and keep note of what screws go where! Start with removing the small panel with the mirror control in it, you need to prise out the little cap that covers the screw and this is a nightmare job! Ford sell the replacements for about 20p each so if you canít get it out without damaging it then use a screwdriver to prise the thing out. Watchmaker screwdrivers are best for removing it though however if you have electric mirrors they are flush with the panel and also click into place making removal a lot harder. Once removed if you have manual windows push the surround towards the rear of the car to allow the stalk out of the rubber boot.

Next work your way around the screws on the outside of the door, there are 5 in total, two on the lock side, two underneath and one on the side nearest the engine. On the right of the door pocket is another cap which you need to prise out and under here is another retaining screw.

Now remove the cap and then the screw inside the door release trim. Use a flathead screwdriver to prise out and then unplug the electric window switch and put the switch to one side.

Now the door handle has two screws inside it so you have to remove the handle cover. If you look at it from under you will notice a little cut out square which you can insert an Allen key or similar and push it out from inside to avoid damaging the handle.

This photo shows you how the handle inner piece comes off and you can see where the Allen key has gone in to prise it out. *Rear door cards have a single screw in the pull-handle recess*

Once this is off there are two long screws at either end which need to be undone and then the handle will come away from the door.

If you have manual windows then you need to pull the handle assembly towards the middle of the car whilst pushing the door card back against the door. Look down into the gap you create and you should see a brass U clip that retains the handles. Turn the handle so you can see the two ends of the U clip and then use a long flathead screwdriver to prise it out of the surround. Once out the handle will come off and you can put it to one side.

Once done the interior panel will lift up and off to leave you with the foam insulation panel.

You need to peel back the foam slowly to stop it ripping and it helps to use a hairdryer to warm the glue and then a Stanley knife to slice through it.  Be careful when using a knife not to cut any cables or score into the metal.


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