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Disabling Mk3 Seatbelt Warning Chimes

Safety Warning: www.mirez.co.uk do not wish to encourage unsafe driving practices - Seatbelts safe lives, never drive on public roads without your belt done up. There are some times however when you don't legally have to wear a belt and, for those occasions, here are the instructions for disabling:

You need:      

  • No Tools Required!

Two types are available, the first is a journey only disable. As soon as you turn off the ignition the electronics will reactivate the alarm. The second describes how to permanently disable the feature:

Method 1 - Per Journey Disable:

Turn the ignition on and within three seconds fasten and then unfasten the seat belt. This disables the alarm until the ignition is turned off.

Method 2 - Permanent Disable:

This method is slightly peculiar, yet is it the official way of disabling the warning chimes! Start with the handbrake on and in neutral. Ensure all doors are closed, the drivers seatbelt is unbuckled and the exterior lights off.

  • Insert the into the ignition and turn to position 2 (The one before engine start). Wait for the seatbelt warning light to go out (Depending on the installed software this can take up to 2 minutes) Within 60 seconds of the light going out you need to:

  • Buckle and unbuckle the seatbelt 3 times (ending with the seatbelt unbuckled).

  • Turn on headlights - turn off again

  • Buckle and unbuckle the seatbelt 3 times (ending with the seatbelt unbuckled) - The seatbelt light should illuminate for 3 seconds

  • Within 7 seconds of seatbelt warning light going off, slowly buckle then unbuckle seatbelt

This will disable/enable "Beltminder". The warning light cannot be disabled and will light (If disabled) for 3 secs. If the system is enabled the seatbelt light will light for 3 secs, every 3 secs.


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