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Welcome to the Galaxy side of the site, its designed to cover the Mk1 and Mk2 mainly but there may be some references for Mk3 owners as well. Since the Galaxy was designed as a joint venture with SEAT and VW then a large amount of the information contained within the site will be beneficial to Alhambra and Sharan owners. If you do have one of these please just remember that the site is Galaxy based, there may well be wiring changes and discrepancies.


The Aim:

www.mirez.co.uk has always been about providing information for free. Vehicles aren't that difficult to work on, its about taking the time to research, prepare and then pacing yourself through the work. Hopefully the information here will take care of the research stage.


Document Notes:

The mondeo side of the site was created using web templates and web documents. Whilst this provided a nice easy way of putting the data down a number of people raised concerns that they couldn't print the website easily to have as notes for when they did the job. For this reason we have switched to the industry standard PDF form so you can copy, save and print the documents much easier. Please remember our site is Free, the information contained within is copyrighted. If you post our PDF's on forums or webpages it must not be for money or reward. To date we have sued (and won) three cases against people selling our guides on Ebay - please don't become our forth!


Site Design:

Mirez.co.uk uses a site template provided for free by Florida Web Design's Bryant Smith. We really appreciate his hard work in making such an easy to use template. Its also nice to support people and companies that remember its not all about the profit - the web should be free. Please visit their site using the link at the bottom of the page.